Trump’s Bizarre ‘Fox News’ Interview Fact-Checked In Real Time; Results Are Pathetic


A fact checker for the Toronto Star, Washington correspondent Daniel Dale had fun with the Donald Trump interview on Fox Business Wednesday morning. The U.S. president is known for his perception management, and the reporter called Trump out on his alternative facts.

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo interviewed Donald Trump about his thoughts on attacking Syria and healthcare. The president said he wanted to raise TrumpCare/RyanCare from the dead before taking on tax reform, according to the Washington Post’s transcript:

‘It’s been very much misreported that we failed with health care. We haven’t failed, we’re negotiating and we continue to negotiate and we will save perhaps $900 billion.’

Dale cut right to the heart of the interview calling it: “highly dishonest and frequently bonkers.”

Trump was coy about FBI Director James Comey’s job, which might have been a veiled threat. The president also seemed to gloat over his military hit on Syria, particularly the point that he struck while he and China’s President Xi Jinping ate dessert.

Dale had difficulty believing how audacious Trump was byclaiming “everybody” thought President Barack Obama should act on Syria:

‘Here is Trump, with incredible audacity, saying “everybody” was waiting for Obama to launch the Syria strike Trump himself vocally opposed.’

When Bartiromo asked 45 how he intended to handle the highly militarized North Korean government, the president was intentionally mysterious as he told her, according to Dale:

‘The president asked what his North Korea plan is: “You never know, do you. You never know.”‘

Dale commented:

‘Here is the president again challenging the integrity of his own FBI director.’

When Bartiromo stated that 45 did not have enough staff, he responded, saying:

‘Yes, I am waiting right now for so many people.’

The business news anchor was not satisfied and repeated, “You’re under staffed.” This time the president gave up more information:

‘Hundreds and hundreds of people. And then they’ll say, why isn’t Trump doing this faster?You can’t do it faster, because they’re obstructing. They’re obstructionists.

Check out Trump’s interview on Fox below:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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