Bill O’ Reilly Gets Very Bad News From His Boss While On Vacation; Haha! (DETAILS)


Speculations ran wild with people guessing that the vacation Bill O’Reilly announced might be permanent. The host was recently hit with a flood of co-worker sexual harassment allegations. Certainly his future at Fox News is uncertain, after at least 60 of his advertisers fled, and Fox just announced a big change.

Long-time Fox guest host Dana Perino will sit in for the regular host of the O’Reilly Factor during his vacation, according to CBS News. The network claims O’Reilly had planned for it quite some time. Perino was a spokesperson for President George W. Bush during his administration and was a long-time host of The Five.

Until now, O’Reilly, 67, had earned Fox its highest ratings, according to CBS News. However, the network just announced he will host in his time slot only four days instead of five each week. They waited until he was gone to announce the cut back of his show. If advertisers continue to flee you can be assured the cut back will continue until O’ Reilly is left mopping the hallways at Fox HQ.

Business Insider wrote this about her Wednesday:

‘Amid the turmoil of the Fox News lineup this year, one host has become a go-to in multiple roles for the network: Dana Perino.

‘On Wednesday, Perino will fill in for embattled host Bill O’Reilly when he goes on vacation amid a mass advertiser boycott over allegations he sexually harassed his coworkers.’

Some of the people who have subbed for him are Bret Baier, Jesse Watters, Chris Wallace, and Eric Bolling. Watters and Baier hosted most frequently. The network has named the new show Friday Factor, CBS News reported.

The Friday show has had rotating titles in the past. Always beginning with O’Reilly Factor Special. Then, Fox subtitled some of those shows “President Trump: The First Month” or “The Trump Agenda.”

Possibly anticipating an O’Reilly disaster, a Fox spokesperson indicated that the network had installed the Friday Factor for weeks. The show will maintain the O’Reilly intro and logo, to help maintain his loyal audience. The guest hosts will simply say that O’Reilly is out on assignment.

Check out this video about the alleged harassment:

Featured Image: O’Reilly Factor Twitter Page.

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