Watch Sean Spicer Squirm When Asked About Today’s MOAB Bombing (VIDEO)


Today U.S command dropped on of the most powerful non-nuclear bombs we have, dubbed “the mother of all bombs,” and one question seems to be at the forefront of many people’s minds. Who ordered the strike?

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked this very question at the White House Daily Briefing but of course refused to answer even the most simplistic questions about Trump, and his involvement in the strike.

Spicer said the reason for the bombing was that ISIS fighters use the caves to move freely around. He explained that they believe in order to defeat ISIS the United States needs to take away its operational space. According to Spicer the military did its best to avoid civilian casualties, and collateral damages, then stated that for any further details he would refer those with questions to the Department of Defense.

Cecilia Vega of ABC News asked Spicer if Trump was even in the Situation Room when the order to strike was given. Spicer dodged the question, referring the conversation to General Nicholson of the United States Air Forces in Afghanistan. When Vega attempted to follow up by asking if Trump consulted on the strike at all, Spicer again ducked the question.

Seemingly bothered by all the questions Spicer ended the press briefing after a mere 16 minutes, claiming it was because they “literally had 10 minutes before the president is going to speak.”

Despite Spicer claiming the president would address the press in a short 10 minutes Trump finally showed up at a photo op with Atlanta first responders. Reporters confronted Trump about who authorized the bombing all Trump had to say was:

‘What I do is I authorize my military.’

The fact that Trump has been nothing but elusive about who ordered the strike has led Americans to believe that the president didn’t authorize the strike at all, or that he was not present in the Situation Room when the order was executed. In the past the White House swiftly circulated photos of the president carrying out his military actions, so for Trump to avoid circulation of images that could bolster his ego and make him seem important is not in character for the egotistical president.

You can watch Sean Spicer’s press briefing here:

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