Telling Analysis Of Rachel Maddow’s Show Reveals Why She’s A Secret W.H. Target


According to a new analysis from The Intercept, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow covers the scandal of President Trump’s allegedly treasonous ties to Russia more than she covers anything else.

The Intercept’s analysis took place from February 20 through March 31, and it found that Maddow spent more than half of her show time during that period covering issues that were connected to the Trump/ Russia scandal. That’s more time than she spent covering every other issue combined.

As The Intercept reports:

‘Maddow’s Russia coverage has dwarfed the time devoted to other top issues, including Trump’s escalating crackdown on undocumented immigrants (1.3 percent of coverage); Obamacare repeal (3.8 percent); the legal battle over Trump’s Muslim ban (5.6 percent), a surge of anti-GOP activism and town halls since Trump took office (5.8 percent), and Trump administration scandals and stumbles (11 percent).’

The last category likely includes such issues as the seemingly never-ending staff shakeups in the Trump White House, shakeups which at times have threatened the position of individuals seemingly as senior as Steve Bannon.

The Intercept notes that their final figure of a Russia-related topic occupying 53 percent of Rachel Maddow’s broadcasts during the period under consideration is “conservative,” since it excludes segments where Russia was mentioned but was not the overarching topic of discussion.

The Intercept is of the opinion that Maddow’s overarching focus on Russia is misguided; however, there is more to the story.

As The Intercept itself notes, Maddow has enjoyed some of her highest ratings in over a decade during the period that the publication found that she focused on Russia nearly to the exclusion of all else.

Surely, the other topics that The Intercept identified as curiously absent from Maddow’s coverage deserve more time then she has been giving them, right?

Well, maybe.

First of all, it’s Maddow’s show, and there’s no law that states that she has to structure it in a way that seems “fair” to people.

Secondly, the American public is not as stupid as either Donald Trump and his team or Hillary Clinton, with her “deplorables” comment, would have you believe.

There is an active FBI investigation into the Trump campaign over its alleged ties to Russia, and FBI investigations aren’t carried out for nothing. There is something substantive there; the American public isn’t stupid and knows this fact. Maddow has been tapping into the appetite among the public for news about this “something substantive” they they know exists.

It’s quite easy to play devil’s advocate here, though, and see that The Intercept has a point. Although The Rachel Maddow Show is just one late night liberal television program, the obsession with Russia isn’t confined to Maddow.

As The Intercept reports, “Jennifer Palmieri, a senior member of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign… recently urged party members to talk about the Russian ‘attack on our republic’ — and to do so ‘relentlessly and above all else.'”

It is deeply ironic for the left to criticize the Trump team for supposedly not doing enough to care about the welfare of civilians while they themselves are not doing anything to protect the welfare of civilians, choosing instead to spend all of their time speculating about whether or not Trump is, in fact, Putin in disguise.

Featured Image via Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images.

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