Trump’s Post-Bombing Approval Ratings Hit White House Hard – Get Ready (DETAILS)


President Trump’s approval rating has not changed in any substantive way from the 38 percent approval rating he received in the very same poll just last month, with his approval rating this month being 39 percent. 49 percent of those who responded to the poll are currently displeased with the president’s performance, and 12 percent just aren’t sure.  The poll showed that 80 percent of Republicans approve of the president while only 12 percent of Democrats do.

As of late President Trump has taken on a more prominent role in affairs abroad, but has yet to rally much support or confidence from Americans beyond his core group of Republican supporters. A small majority of Americans don’t also do not have confidence that the president can keep the nation safe. They do not trust that when faced with international crisis that he will rationally weigh all the options and come up with a sound minded strategy, work with allies or even straight up make the right choices for the country. The majority of Americans still have not been swayed into believing that the president is a good leader for the nation.

Despite the fact that America’s political environment is segregated into many different viewpoints, one thing seems to be agreed upon, and that is that tensions around the world are steadily escalating. Amongst of a group of people so politically divided there is one thing they can agree upon, and that is about which powers pose the greatest threat to the national security of the United States.

According to the poll, 20 percent of those who responded believe that global tensions are give or take the same as they always have been, while a mere 5 percent believe that global tensions are actually easing. In regards to nations that Americans believe to be the largest threat when asked, 70 percent said ISIS. 61 percent believe that North Korea poses a great danger to the United States, while fewer than half, at 47 percent believe that Russia is any major threat. An even lower threat according to the poll is Syria, and 38 percent, and China at 30 percent.

The survey also discovered that bipartisan agreement on the subject of international intentions showed Republicans and independents supporting the idea that tensions were on the rise internationally.  According to the poll, 70 percent of independents, 85 percent of Democrats, and 64 percent of Republicans were more susceptible to believe that tensions really have heightened around the globe.

In regards to the issue at hand in Syria, the majority of Americans favor the idea of limited air strikes in response the chemical weapons. Nearly 6 in 10 do not believe that Trump even has a clear idea of what he should be doing there. A large number of Americans support the fact that Syrian President Assad must be removed, but do not want the United States to take such an active role in his ousting.

When reflecting on the direction in which the nation is going 57 percent of Americans say it is moving in the wrong direction, which is quite similar to the 59 percent who believed the same last month. 34 percent believe it is going in the right way, while a mere 8 percent are just plain unsure.

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