Dem Rep Visits Cyprus To Investigate Paul Manafort’s Russian Connection (VIDEO)


A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Quigley, took his investigation into the Russia and Trump campaign connections to Cyprus last week. Over the House holiday, the Democratic representative from Illinois went abroad and dug into alleged collusion.

Quigley went to the little nation in the Mediterranean, divided between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey. He followed an inquiry into Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manifort’s anti-corruption charges. According to CNN, the representative said:

‘You go to Cyprus because that’s where Russians launder money.’

The Ukrainian government is checking whether Manafort had a role in Russia’s intervention into Ukraine’s 2016 presidential election. The former Trump campaign manager may have received $1.2 million in off-the-book payments from a Ukrainian pro-Russian political party.

Manafort did not file as a foreign agent, although the law required him to do so, while he worked as a consultant for former pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. Ukrainian officials discovered financial payments the consultant could have sent through Cypriot banks during their corruption investigation of Yanukovych.

Manafort denies that he did anything wrong when he worked for Trump and the Ukrainian officials, and he volunteered to testify before both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. In a statement to CNN, he said:

‘Like many companies doing business internationally, my company was paid via wire transfer, typically using clients’ preferred financial institutions and instructions.’

A source told CNN Manafort’s clients chose the Cypriot banks, not the former campaign chairman. The source said that the US bank Wachovia is where Manafort received his payments.

Quigley was the only member of the House Intelligence Committee to travel to Cyprus, where he went for two days along with staff investigators from the Committee.

The representative said he went to Cyprus to find out how Russians move their money. He told CNN:

“Understanding how that works is important to understanding how they fund their regime, what are the motivations for laundering money …You launder money to avoid taxes, to avoid worldwide sanctions.’

Check out this video of Representative Quigley talking about the committee’s investigation on CNN:

Feature Image: BBC Twitter Page.


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