Bernie Sanders Angrily Speaks Out About ‘Dysfunctional’ Airlines In America (VIDEO)


Senator Bernie Sanders appeared this Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper and spoke out about the ongoing controversy surrounding United Airlines’s recent brutal treatment of a passenger.

That passenger, Dr. David Dao, was randomly selected by the airline to give up his seat after it was discovered that there was no room on the flight for airline employees who needed to get to their next job site. Dao didn’t want to give up his seat, saying that he needed to get to where he was going in order to visit his patients.

The airline wasn’t interested however, and called police to forcibly remove Dao from the flight. In the process of his removal from the flight, police gave Dao a concussion and knocked out two of his teeth, making him bleed all over himself. Police dragged Dao down the airplane aisle in their efforts to remove the fully legal passenger from the flight he was on.

Social media videos of this incident have helped fuel massive outrage, with the company losing millions of dollars on the stock market in a matter of days.

Sen. Sanders, as mentioned, spoke out about the controversy while appearing on CNN. His comments echoed the concern of his Congressional colleagues who have called for hearings on the matter of what the hell happened to allow the brutal treatment of Dao to go down.

On that note, Sen. Sanders said: “I think anybody who flies a lot — and as a United States senator I fly a lot — knows how dysfunctional, in many respects, the airlines are.” He went on to explain what it is that he feels we need to do about that issue, saying:

‘I think what we do need is to take a hard look at the airlines in this country and make them much more responsive to the consumers than they currently are. In terms of pricing, I mean, you could have two people on an airline, and one’s paying twice as much as another person. The idea of taking a hard look at airline travel and by the way the consolidation of ownership in the airline industry is something that I think would be a very useful effort.’

Watch the video of Sanders’s comments below:

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.

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