Sanders Slams Trump’s Bombing Of Syria In New Must-See CNN Interview (VIDEO)


Senator Bernie Sanders appeared this Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union with some harsh words for the Trump Administration over their recent decision to strike a Syrian government airbase.

That strike was marketed as “retaliation” for a recent chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people. However, the strike accomplished nothing substantive whatsoever, instead simply prompting a number of generally hostile nations to get riled up against us.

Sen. Sanders, speaking Sunday morning on CNN, said that U.S. should quickly abandon the so-called strategy that dictated that the recent strike against Syria take took place.

He spoke quite bluntly, saying: “I do not want to see the United States get sucked into perpetual warfare in the Middle East, see our men and women get killed, trillions of dollars being spent.”

He added a call that’s familiar coming from him; namely, that American politicians should focus on issues plaguing the people of the United States directly before rushing headfirst into new military conflicts around the world.

As the former Democratic presidential candidate continued:

‘I don’t want to see us dragged into another war in Syria when kids in this country cannot afford to go to college, when our infrastructure is collapsing, when 28 million Americans have no health insurance, we have got to start paying attention to the needs back home.’

Indeed, Sanders definitely has a point, seeing as the tens of millions of dollars that we’ve already expended on just a couple of dubious military expeditions since Trump took office could easily be put towards propping up the very important social programs that the Trump Administration seems so ready and willing to cut.

The Trump Administration evidently thinks it more important to drop bombs in Afghanistan and Syria then to provide food and healthcare for America’s poor, and Sanders is not alone in his outrage at that sorry state of affairs.

Sanders asserted in his Sunday morning appearance on CNN that he doesn’t mean to suggest that the U.S. should simply do nothing about Syria. Rather, he said, our strategy has “got to demand that Russia, which provides an enormous amount of very sophisticated weaponry to Assad, stop what it’s doing.”

Check out a video of some of Sanders’s comments below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.

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