Sarah Palin Tweets Most Delusional Message Yet About MOAB Casualties (IMAGE)


It’s always disgustingly ironic when someone who has shown that he/she has no clue about foreign relations, the world, or even basic geography, speaks on matters of the international sorts and/or the use of military force. It’s generally even more disgusting when that person is Sarah Palin.

Taking a pages from Trump Sr.’s and Jr.’s books of not knowing when to shut up on social media, especially where the loss of lives is concerned, Palin took to Twitter and expressed among the most vile, insensitive, thoughtless, ignorant, and generally Sarah Palin-like words one could utter. Palin had the audacity to brag about the number of lives lost as a result of Trump’s trigger-happy decision to drop MOAB.

Palin tweeted:

Is she trying to get favor with Trump so he’ll give her a job in his administration? Although she’d fit right in with the other “cooky” folks, her tweet was low, even for her.

The Twitter-verse didn’t let Palin walk away from her foolish remarks. Clapbacks were endless as people let the former candidate for Vice-President know that she was far out of bounds with her tweet. Responses like the ones below are reminders that not all of humanity buys in to Trump and Palin’s senseless ways of thinking:

There was even this tweet, that reminds that a seat at Trump’s table of cabinet picks is something that people agree is what Palin so badly wants:

Featured Image via Getty/RJ Sangosti/Cotributor

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