New Pew Poll Results Are In – Trump Hits Lowest Approval Rating In History (DETAILS)


It’s well known we don’t like Donald Trump. Who does? Except for his poor, misguided supporters, of course. We’ve reported many times about Trump’s low-approval ratings. However, in a new Pew poll, it’s not looking good for Trump and even some other Republicans.

Pew reported that Trump’s total job rating is standing at the lowest approval rating of any other president during their first term, a whopping 39 percent. Compare that to former President Obama’s 61 percent approval rating.

Partisan gap in Trump approval ratings much wider than for recent presidents

The breakdown of those numbers show the disapproval rating among blacks is 81 percent and among Hispanics is 78 percent.

Demographic differences in views of Trump’s job performance

Furthermore, confidence in Trump is low when it comes to his skills at getting along with Congress. While in December 60 percent of people believed he could cooperatively work with Congress, only 46 percent now believe he can work effectively with Congress. That’s a 14-point drop in 4 months.

Additionally, the survey revealed the country is mostly divided on its feelings regarding Trump’s international policies and the safety of America.

With all of our eyes on North Korea and Trump’s seemingly trigger happy attitude lately, 63 percent believe he is too impulsive.

Widespread belief that Trump is too impulsive in making decisions

None of this is really surprising. This country will remain divided regarding Trump the entirety of his term. However, there is a Republican who has an even LOWER approval rating than the controversial pumpkin king.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is dragging along with a 29 percent approval rating on how he’s running his job. With a 54 percent disapproval rating, things aren’t looking good for old Ryan.

Even better, Pew reported:

‘Ryan’s approval rating of 29% is lower than the approval ratings for John Boehner (36%), Nancy Pelosi (35%), and Newt Gingrich (43%), measured shortly after each of their terms as Speaker of the House began.’

Far more disapprove than approve of Paul Ryan’s job performance

Furthermore, the entire Republican party is still thought of as a divided party. Though they’d love to show major improvement and prove they were a united party, 68 percent still believe the party is “mostly divided” with a whopping 29 percent saying the party is “mostly united.” That’s not much of an improvement from October’s numbers when 80 percent of voters felt the party was divided.

Democrats seen as less united than pre- election; most still say GOP is divided

The survey also revealed 55 percent of Republicans feel that Congress has no obligation to go along with Trump for the sheer sake of him being a Republican president.

Do Republicans in Congress have an obligation to back Trump’s policies?

Taking these numbers into account, it’s a promising sign that Democrats can come back from the ashes, if they will get their act together and unify. That includes finding a candidate everyone can at least tolerate, rallying together, and then actually defeating election-day apathy and getting people up and voting. There stands a real chance of a Democratic revival and maybe there will be some hope for America after all.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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