The GOP Just Announced A Psychotic Plan To Attack Elizabeth Warren – This Is Nuts


Conservatives are gearing up to prove yet again that the popularity of calling liberals “snowflakes” as a derogatory term on their part is really a massive case of projection. We’re not the pathologically sensitive ones; they are. Just look at them.

POLITICO is reporting that an infamous conservative PAC called America Rising is gearing up to “make life difficult” for Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on the occasion of her latest book release. Warren is an important figure in the Democratic Party, representing the modern push of Bernie Sanders-style populism.

America Rising’s response to all of this is, as mentioned, to “make life difficult” for Sen. Warren ahead of her 2018 Senate re-election bid and her possible 2020 presidential bid. (There really are few viable Democratic presidential candidates at this point besides her.)

POLITICO reports that a memo it obtained outlining America Rising’s planned efforts says that the group “will build and maintain opposition research, use video tracking, Freedom of Information Act and public records, and deploy rapid-response communications to make Warren’s life difficult during her 2018 Senate reelection campaign.”

What event is prompting these renewed anti-populism efforts on the part of the conservative PAC in question? Warren’s latest book, “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class,” is due to be released on Tuesday.

America Rising director Colin Reed told the press:

‘We view [this] book launch as the soft launch of [Warren’s] presidential campaign. We’ll do the same to her as we did with Hillary Clinton in 2014.’

Indeed, America Rising proved a serious thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton before she even officially launched her presidential bid back in 2014. As a report from Mother Jones outlines, the group produced serious attack ads at the time accusing Clinton of prioritizing selling her book over actually paying serious attention to progressive causes.

As a Slate report from 2014 outlines, America Rising has long cast itself as an organization designed to be just what it’s proven to be; namely, a “thorn in the side for Democrats.”

Slate’s report on the group from back in 2014 explains how their work consists of “obsessing over the details” of every little thing that the Democrats say. For instance, in 2014, Slate documented the group’s efforts to sabotage then-first lady Michelle Obama’s outpouring of support for a Democratic West Virginia Senate candidate via highlighting Obama’s comments opposing the fossil fuel industry, an issue that is very important to the many coal workers of West Virginia.

These subversive, rabidly anti-Democratic tactics are the same ones that America Rising has announced they will be using on Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren.

Seriously though, could they get any more short sighted? The title of Warren’s latest book is literally an attempt to reach out. It’s not divisive, and it doesn’t even mention Trump.

Yet, rather than working together with Warren for the causes that she espouses, America Rising, which was founded by former Mitt Romney staffers, would prefer to just attack, attack, attack.

That strategy isn’t unique to America Rising, but it’s disturbing nonetheless.

Warren will be conducting a short book tour following the official release of her latest literary work. (It will be her 11th book.)

Warren told POLITICO the following of her book last week:

‘This is my 11th book, and books are part of the way I fight for what I believe in. Right now, I believe we’ve all got to be in the fight, and that’s why the book is called “This Fight Is Our Fight.”‘

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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