Tom Cotton Brutally Booed By Town Hall Crowd After Defending Trump (VIDEO)


Many House Republicans have found themselves facing angry crowds during recent town hall events, mostly due to President Trump and his controversial policies. A lot of Republicans have chosen to avoid town hall events and the interactions that come with them, looking to go with other less personal methods of communicating with their constituents.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton found out first hand just why many have been avoiding these events, after he was faced with irate audience at his town hall on Monday. Cotton defended the President, and his choice to not release his tax returns. This defense of Trump caused the senator to be loudly booed during an event in Little Rock. Cotton stated:

‘As far as I’m aware the president says he’s still under audit. The president is also right that this was not a secondary or side issue of the campaign, this was a central issue of the campaign … and he won this fight already.’

During Saturday’s nationwide protest, thousands of Americans turned out from all across the country over the weekend, demanding that Trump release his tax returns, seeing as he broke decades of precedent with his refusal to release them to the public. It has become somewhat of a unifying issue among Americans, with many town hall crowds chanting “Tax returns!” whenever the issue is brought up.

During his campaign, Trump said he could not release the returns due to the fact that he was being audited, but the IRS confirmed that he was not legally prevented from releasing the documents. Upon moving into the Oval Office, he then said there were no plans in place to release them — ever.

Cotton continued on farther state how he feels about Trump and his tax returns, stating:

‘As far as your points about his relationships overseas, I would just make two replies: Every federal officeholder, every candidate for office files a financial disclosure statement that shows your assets and your liabilities and second, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to find out where Donald Trump has connections overseas. He normally puts his name on buildings where he has them.’

See the angry crowd first hand, here:

Feature image via Getty Images.

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