Clinton Revelation Surprises The Nation – Political Future No Longer In Question


Many have held out hope that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would give it one last push in 2020. Furthermore, there have also been rumors that she may run for mayor of New York City.

But it seems it’s not looking that way. In a new book, it’s been revealed that Clinton indicated her 2016 race for the White House and tragic loss to President Donald Trump would be her last race. The book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign was written in partnership by Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen.

According to the book, as Clinton studied her concession speech, she said all she wanted to do was go out on stage, concede, thank the people, and be done.

However, strategist Jack Sullivan wanted her to go further and point out how Trump was unfit for the presidency. He felt it was her duty to say the things she had said throughout her entire campaign. He said:

‘But you have been saying for many months that he’s temperamentally unfit and that he would be dangerous, and if you meant it, you should say it.

‘And you made a case that all these people’s rights and safety are in danger – if you meant that, you should say it.’

In response, she said:

‘Other people will criticize him. That’s their job. I have done it. I just lost, and that is that. That was my last race.’

Granted, she was probably in shock and upset that she lost. And she could very well change her mind at any given time. Furthermore, with the way Trump is running the country, her prowess may be needed now more than ever. But at her age and after a long career in the public eye, retiring entirely from politics would make sense.

Twitter users who responded to the news seemed sad, but were supportive nonetheless:

‘Hillary, you don’t need to be in the race to make a difference.’

‘She told the truth and lost with grace. History is not going to be kind to 45 or the Republicans.’

‘@HillaryClinton say it ain’t so #ImStillWithHer’

One Twitter user simply tweeted:


Feature Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

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