Jon Ossoff Just Went On NBC To Put President Trump On Blast – Get Ready (VIDEOS)


Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff is no fan of Donald Trump. After all, his campaign slogan is “make Trump furious.” In case that wasn’t clear enough, Ossoff appeared on NBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews where the Democrat made it clear that not even his respect for the presidency was enough to make him respect the Oval Office’s current occupant.

‘I have great respect for the office. I don’t have great personal admiration for the man himself.’

Ossoff is currently leading against several Republican candidates. Georgia’s sixth district, whose seat was formerly held by Trump’s Secretary of Heath and Human Services, Tom Price, leans Republican, but Ossoff is currently leading the pack. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that the first round of voting will pit all candidates against one another. If Ossoff wins the election but earns less than 50 percent of the vote, then he will face the runner-up in a second round election that will determine who goes to D.C.

Ossoff’s campaign has been bolstered by a groundswell of national support and anti-Trump sentiment. Democrats across the country see his campaign as one of the first chances to strike back at the Trump administration and express their displeasure with the GOP.

Despite his apparent dislike for Trump, Ossoff has said that he would be willing to work with Trump on some matters.

‘What I hope is that he’ll show good faith and sound judgment. I’d be interested, for example, on working with him on an infrastructure bill that could deliver real solutions to Georgia so we can keep growing our local economy here.

I think there’s room to work across the aisle, and I’ll work with anyone who has the best interest of this community at heart. I’ll stand up to anyone who does not, regardless of their party.’

Whether or not Trump will be willing to work with Ossoff, assuming he wins, remains to be seen. The president has campaigned against Ossoff sending out several tweets and a robocall urging his supporters to vote Republican or bear the cost of “super liberal” policies.

Featured image via screengrab from Youtube.

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