JUST IN: Russian TU-95 Bear Bombers Intercepted Off U.S. Coastline – This Is Big


The Pentagon has reported that two Russian TU-95 Bear bombers buzzed Alaska’s coastline Monday. The U.S. responded with two F-22 stealth Raptors. The American jets intercepted the Russians in the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone with no cockpit-to-cockpit radio communications.

Recently, Donald Trump became less optimistic about Russia-U.S. relations recently. CNN reported that last week, at a White House news conference, the president said:

‘Right now we are not getting along with Russia at all. We may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russia.’

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois related to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that when the Russians flew close to America’s shore, they had been “trying to show their teeth.” The intercept occurred 100 miles from Kodiak Island. The representative told Blitzer:

‘This was a show of force by the Russians to show us that they are still here. [It was] an attempt to come up as close as they could to our international borders to see what our reaction would be.’

One individual pilots the Raptor, which carries a 20mm cannon, radar-guided missiles and bombs, and heat-seeking missiles. Each costs $143 million. The U.S. NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command] jets were only used to attack ISIS in Syria in 2014.

According to CNN, the Raptors “can perform both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.” The twin-engine aircraft is designed for “high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance.”

It is necessary for the pilots to wear the same pressure suits that astronauts wear, since the jets reach altitudes of 70,000 feet. The Raptor can go supersonic “for sustained periods of time without needing to engage afterburners,” its fact sheet indicates.

‘The F-22 cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft.’

The U.S. spotted the Viktor Leonov Russian spy ship two times in previous months. When the USS Porter went to the Black Sea in February, it encountered Russian aircraft three times, CNN related.

U.S. military officials call the intercept “nothing out of the ordinary” and “not dissimilar from what we’ve seen in the past with respect to Russian long-range aviation,” CNN said.

F-22 Raptor is a true killing machine. It’s website said this about its technology:

‘The F-22’s integrated avionics gives it first-look, first-shot, first-kill capability that will guarantee U.S. air dominance for the next 40 years.’

Check out this video of Wolf Blitzer’s report:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Win McNamee.

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