New Book Reveals What Bernie Sanders Can’t Stand About Hillary Clinton (DETAILS)


According to a new book released Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wanted to run against rival Hillary Clinton because he “couldn’t stand the idea of Hillary pulling the country back into the Clinton White House years.”

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, is the work of The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Sidewire’s Jonathan Allen, which details just what led Sanders to throw his hat into the presidential ring and give Clinton a run for her money.

A source close to Sanders told the co-authors:

‘His feelings about her, which were less than positive, revolved around policy differences and revolved around her allegiance to an old form of campaigning relying on big money and the people who raise it for you. This kind of campaigning, of going to rich people and asking them for money and modulating your policies in a way that didn’t inspire people, that was a losing formula. In terms of him not liking stuff about her, that’s what he disliked the most.’

But the book doesn’t just blame Clinton for her flawed] approach to campaigning. In fact, it goes on to assert that Sanders caused considerable damage and created new challenges in regards to Clinton’s ability to win over the left. Sanders’ campaign closely aligned with Trump’s, albeit in the exact opposite way. Bernie, the anti-Establishment, independent Senator from Vermont saw Clinton as corrupt — much like then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — only from the opposite side of the spectrum. Trump campaigned on the promise of “draining the swamp,” and it worked. The American electorate never wanted another establishment politician — something Sanders and Trump managed to latch onto from the beginning to distinguish their presidential campaigns.

As she authors note:

‘For both sides, Hillary was the perfect symbol of everything that was wrong with America. At times, Trump and Sanders would act as the right and left speakers of a stereo blaring a chorus on repeat: Hillary’s a corrupt insider who has helped rig the political and economic systems in favor of the powerful.’

New York Times book critic, Michiko Kakutani, called it “devastating“:

‘The portrait of the Clinton campaign that emerges from these pages is that of a Titanic-like disaster: an epic fail made up of a series of perverse and often avoidable missteps by an out-of-touch candidate and her strife-ridden staff that turned “a winnable race” into “another iceberg-seeking campaign ship.”

It’s the story of a wildly dysfunctional and “spirit-crushing” campaign that embraced a flawed strategy (based on flawed data) and that failed, repeatedly, to correct course. A passive-aggressive campaign that neglected to act on warning flares sent up by Democratic operatives on the ground in crucial swing states, and that ignored the advice of the candidate’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, and other Democratic Party elders, who argued that the campaign needed to work harder to persuade undecided and ambivalent voters (like working-class whites and millennials), instead of focusing so insistently on turning out core supporters.’

You can purchase the book from Amazon, via this link.

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