Paul Manafort Busted Helping Chinese Companies Get Over On U.S. Govt (DETAILS)


Paul Manafort, the controversial Trump campaign adviser with ties to Russia, is reportedly advising a Chinese billionaire on how to best approach the Trump administration for contracts.

The Financial Times reports that Manafort met with Yan Jiehe, the founder of Pacific Construction Group, in Shangai last Tuesday. Prior to their meeting, Yan told the Financial Times that Manafort would be advising him on the best way to win contracts for Trump’s infrastructure initiative. Yan even allegedly referred to Manafort as Trump’s “special envoy.”

It is rather ironic that Manafort is advising a Chinese company on how to win contracts under Trump’s administration. After all, Trump spent the entire campaign demonizing China and accusing them of stealing American jobs. Even after winning the election, he continued to blame China for the loss of American jobs.


A spokesman for Manafort admits that Trump’s former adviser did meet with Yan, but denies that the meeting had anything to do with Trump’s infrastructure projects.

However, a source familiar with the meeting says that Manafort “came seeking co-operation for concrete projects.” The source added that Manafort would return in a few months. For his part, Yan seems rather confident in his company, even boasting that Trump would seek him out.

Beyond the quality of his company’s work, Yan is hopeful that Pacific Construction Group’s status as a private company would give them advantage. He said that he did not believe the American government would be willing to work with a state-owned corporation.

Some of Trump’s supporters might be surprised to hear that Chinese companies may be hired to do infrastructure work, but they shouldn’t be. After all, many of Trump’s products were made in China.

Of course, this is all dependent upon rather or not Trump’s infrastructure bill even passes. It’s likely to face opposition from Democrats who oppose the way it is structured and Republicans who oppose the spending.

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