New Cost Analysis Of Trump’s Border Wall Reaches Staggering Number – This Is Insane


Senate Democrats have released a report which estimates that Donald Trump’s border wall could cost up three times more than what was originally estimated.

According to a report released by Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Trump’s wall could cost as much as $66 billion which is much higher than the numbers estimated by the Department of Homeland Security’s internal review.

‘There is no reliable estimate of the cost of construction of the full border wall. That amounts to a total cost to every American man, woman, and child over $200.’

The Department of Homeland Security’s own report estimates the wall to cost about $22 billion and could take up to five years to complete.

The Democrat’s report also warns that aside from the costs in time and money required to build the wall, the government would have to spend years in litigation in order to gain the necessary land since much of it is privately owned. Customs and Border Protection told the committee that it was too early to estimate how much it would cost for the government to acquire the land necessary for the construction of Trump’s wall.

The White House recently submitted a $30 billion budget to Congress which includes $1.5 billion for the wall. Republicans have indicated that money for the wall may not be included in the upcoming budget bill that is working its way through Congress.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that he believes the wall, and immigration reform in general, should wait until after the 2018 election. That being said, it is possible that Republicans might try and force the issue, but there are a few obstacles in their path.

The GOP may have removed the filibuster in terms of Supreme Court nominees, but it still remains in place for regular bills. If the Democrats really wanted to stop a bill on Trump’s wall then they could make use of the filibuster. However, there is always the danger that Republicans could simply remove it all together. A few years ago, that would have been unthinkable, but then again, so would have been removing it in regards to Supreme Court Justices.

The second issue facing the construction of Trump’s wall is the simple fact that the GOP is far from united on this issue. While it does appeal to Trump’s nationalist base, it is unpopular with many traditional conservatives due to how expensive it would be.

For his part, Trump has promised that the wall will be cheaper than expected but has provided no evidence to support this claim. Of course, he also promised that Mexico would pay for it and that clearly has not worked out.

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