Trump’s Lazy Summer Travel Plans Announced – This Is No Mar-a-Lago (DETAILS)


Yes, here we are again, talking about Trump’s constant visitation of his Mar-a-Lago resort that costs the American taxpayers an egregious amount of money. We could just try to accept it and quit reporting on it. However, it’s important to keep Trump accountable.

With that said, Mar-a-Lago actually closes for the summer. So, what happens to Trump’s weekend jaunts? Will he actually stay in the White House, saving Americans nationwide millions in taxpayer dollars?

Of course not. Did you really think that for one second? Politico reported:

‘But once his exclusive seaside retreat at Mar-a-Lago closes for the season, Trump is expected to shift his weekend plans north, to his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey – and bring with him all the chaos that comes with being a preferred presidential destination.’

Despite having the Trump National Golf Club there, it is a small, cozy township with a population of 8,165 as of the 2010 Census. The town is about to have it’s entire world turned upside down.

Other than the obvious problem of taxpayer money paying for Trump’s travels, there are many other problems that will be brought to the township if Trump keeps up his weekend travels. Politico reported:

‘Street closures and traffic jams were a big problem last fall across the region when the then-president-elect traveled to Bedminster by motorcade from Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan for a weekend’s worth of interviews with potential Cabinet nominees.’

Furthermore, due to Air Force One flying in, flight restrictions will be placed that will affect private aviation. Just getting the president there to Bedminster is going to be confusing. Officials believe he will either fly in on a smaller version of Air Force One or he will fly to Newark and then use Marine One.

Additionally, there’s the issue of security. Who pays for the overtime that police officers will be required to work? Furthermore, it only makes sense to assume they will have to hire more officers as it’s a small town and protecting the president is a huge job. According to Politico, when Trump visited Bedminster as president-elect in November last year, it cost $3,683 in overtime for police officers. The trip was three days. The Bedminster mayor, Steve Parker, estimates it will cost over $300,000 to cover “seven 72-hour Trump visits.”

Although they have been informed there is $7 million available for helping to protect the president, no one really knows who that money will go to. The Department of Justice has yet to comment. Furthermore, the White House and Secret Service have remained mum on details.

One concern for the local residents is that they are a rural town and that Mar-a-Lago, located in West Palm Beach was a much bigger destination. Jane Schumann brought those concerns to the town board during a town hall meeting back in March.

‘West Palm Beach is a lot bigger than we are. Those people are a little more affluent than we are. Has there been any thought of that?’

Regardless of what the local officials manage to work out, Americans are always going to be on the hook for Trump’s need for weekend jaunts. The local citizens of Bedminster are going to be doubly affected though as they will probably see their local taxes go up to try to cover the tab for Trump to relax after screwing up the country.

Featured image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

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