Watchdog Group Drops Lawsuit On Dept. Of Justice Over Trump’s Wiretap Claims


An ethics watchdog organization has announced that they plan to sue the Department of Justice for records relating to the alleged wiretapping of Trump tower and documents relating to the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia.

The group, American Oversight, says that the will file two separate lawsuits in District Court for the District of Columbia.

Austin Evers, the group’s executive director, issued a statement regarding the lawsuits. He said that Trump’s administration has failed to provide accurate information regarding the matter of Russia. He also expressed frustration with the slow pace of Congress’ investigation into the matter.

‘Nearly 100 days into President Trump’s term, there are more questions than answers about the president and his associates’ contacts with Russia. It’s time for the administration to come clean with the American people.

‘As congressional inquiries seem to be getting us nowhere, American Oversight is suing the government for information. ‘

The first lawsuit relates to the warrants and court orders regarding the wiretapping of Trump Tower. Evers says that the Justice Department refuses to confirm or deny their existence despite the fact that Trump himself has said they exist.

‘It’s ludicrous for the Justice Department to claim it can’t confirm or deny the existence of records given that the president has declared they exist and the FBI director has denied it. Well, which is it? The American people have a right to the truth.’

Indeed, Trump went so far as to complain about the supposed wiretapping on Twitter so it is obvious that he believed it had happened at some point.

The second lawsuit relates to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and his attempts to ” persuade the bureau to rebut media reports about the investigation into the Trump campaign.”

They are also seeking information regarding Jeff Sessions’ contact with foreign officials.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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