Center For Biological Diversity Drops Historical Lawsuit On The White House (DETAILS)


President Trump has found himself with yet another lawsuit against him and his administration by an environmental group after repealing protections for wolves, bears, and other predatory animals that live in Alaska on national preserves.

The Center for Biological Diversity is questioning just how constitutionally sound the Congressional Review Act (CRA), which congress used to pass the legislation signed by Trump that repealed the Department of Interiors Refugees Rule, is. The original rule prohibited hunters from hunting predatory animals in Alaska’s wildlife refuges. Hunters were banned from killing wolves and their pups in their dents, trapping and killing brown and black bears with hold traps or wire snares, as well as killing bears using an aircraft.

Within the lawsuit filed in Anchorage, the Center for Biological Diversity claims that the CRA is not constitutional, claiming in infringes upon the powers of the executive branch. Agencies have been banned from issuing rules in the future that are similar to the rules that have been already repealed. The Center is asking the court reinstate the rule and declare that the CRA’s ban on future rulemaking is unconstitutional. Collette Adkins, an attorney and biologist at the center, spoke out in a statement, saying how outrageous she believes it is that the Trump administration clearly doesn’t care about animals or how important they are to the ecosystem.

‘Wolf cubs shouldn’t be slaughtered in their dens on the very wildlife refuges that are meant to protect biological diversity. It’s outrageous that Trump and congressional Republicans used this unconstitutional law to promote the senseless slaughter of some of Alaska’s most iconic wildlife. They clearly don’t care about the critical role these amazing animals play in healthy ecosystems.’

This isn’t the first time that the Center for Biological Diversity has taken issue with the Trump administration’s decisions and how they affect the environment. They were the very first group to challenge Trump’s plan for a border wall. The group filed a lawsuit claiming that the proposed wall along the southern border violates various environmental laws that were already in place.

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