Ivanka Trump Just Weaseled Her Way Into A White House Role – You Will Be Livid


When listing powerful women who have blazed a trail of innovation and paved the way for young girls and other women to feel empowered and able to do whatever they want in life, most people rattle of names like Michelle Obama, Mary Barra, Joyce Banda, Geisha Williams, Zhang Xin et al. These women have faced unthinkable adversity to shatter glass ceilings and overcome the type of institutional sexism that has prevented many before them from reaching their peaks.

Nevertheless, these women and many like them have persisted. No one has given them anything and they’ve had to work for everything they have. They’re qualified and well-equipped to speak on the topic of empowerment and serve as symbols of strength, dignity, and hard work for all people, but especially women and girls, worldwide.

It just doesn’t feel or sound right to throw out Ivanka Trump as being on the same level as the aforementioned global business and political leaders. Ivanka’s father thinks otherwise.

Call it nepotism or just plain dumb, but because of her father’s general ignorance, as well as his love for her, Bloomberg reports that Ivanka, Donald Trump’s unpaid adviser, has been pinned as a speaker at the W20 Summit. She has no diplomatic experience, she isn’t a feminist, and where her father’s administration has done the most to try to impart institutionalized racist and sexist policies, Ivanka has remained silent and failed to stand up for the people she will be false witnessing to at the event.

CNN’s Don Lemon has previously addressed the issue of the nepotism that Ivanka’s opportunities continue to expose. The interview captures Cosmopolitan’s Amanda Carpenter’s frank, but candid commentary on Ivanka’s pampered princess benefits. Carpenter’s thoughts give deeper meaning about why many women aren’t simply “haters,” but have legitimate gripes about the message that’s being sent by branding Ivanka as some kind of symbol of women’s strength:

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