JUST IN: Malia Obama Falls Victim To Stalking – Details Of Her Scary Encounter Here


CBS New York has reported that a man has been taken into custody including a psychiatric evaluation after he stalked Malia Obama during her internship program.

According to members of the Secret Service, on April 10, Jair Nilton Cardosa went to the office where Ms. Obama was working on an internship program and placed a sign in the window while shouting at her to marry him.

The agents assigned to protect Ms. Obama told the man to leave and he reportedly did so.

However, on the 12th, Cardosa followed Ms. Obama to a different office where she was working as an intern and was once again stopped by agents of the Secret Service. These agents recognized Cardosa as the man who had repeatedly tried to break into the White House.

As before, the man was sent away without any charges being filed.

On the 13th, Secret Service agents arrived at Cardosa’s apartment to discuss the incident with him. During the course of their interview, they determined that the man was mentally ill and he was taken to King County hospital for an evaluation.

None of Cardosa’s previous alleged incidents resulted in legal action and, as of this reporting, he has not yet been charged with anything. However, the NYPD is considering stalking and harassment charges.

Sadly, this is far from the first time the Obama children have had to deal with harassment and attacks. While presidents are, understandably, the recipients of criticism from their political opponents, it is upsetting that many conservatives attacked President Obama’s children as well.

Upon hearing the news that Malia Obama was accepted into Harvard, racist conservatives on Fox News website reportedly wrote hateful comments attacking her. Some even wished that she would get cancer. The tamer, relatively speaking, comments said her acceptance was an example of black privilege or that she only got in because her father was the president.

As of right now, there does not appear to be any political motivation behind Cardosa’s stalking. It seems that he merely latched on to Malia the way some people do with actors or other famous celebrities.

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