Mike Huckabee Just Went On Fox News & Said You Can’t Rape The Willing (VIDEO)


While appearing on Fox News, Mike Huckabee made a rather ill-conceived analogy regarding the media’s treatment of Donald Trump by saying “you can’t kiss a woman that’s leaning away from you.” His comments were made on the same day that Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox for sexual harassment.

While appearing on Fox, Huckabee compared those journalists who were critical of Trump to prostitutes saying that journalism is dead.

‘First of all, I think that right now, the world’s oldest profession is getting a great deal more respect among the American people than the so-called profession of journalism. Journalism has died in this country, there isn’t any.’

It’s rather ironic that Huckabee made those comments while appearing on Fox News. After all, if journalism is truly dead then why is he appearing on a network that constantly boasts of its news ratings.

From there, the former governor of Arkansas went on to discuss Trump’s claims that President Obama had placed him under surveillance. Like many of Trump’s more outlandish claims, the president has offered no proof and yet, Huckabee seems more inclined to trust Trump than the media.

His rant on Obama concluded, Huckabee then proceeded with his diatribe against the press.

‘You know there’s three things you can’t do: you can’t spit into the wind, you can’t climb a ladder leaning toward you or kiss a woman leaning away from you. Add one more to the list if you’re Donald Trump: You can’t get a fair shake from the media.’

Huckabee’s comments about kissing a woman leaning away from you are especially poorly timed considering that Fox News recently had to fire its most popular contributor for sexual harassment. Though the comments were not related to O’Reily, they were still rather ironic since O’Reily has been accused of similar actions.

Beyond the ironic nature of his comments is that his claim that Trump is being treated unfairly is highly debatable. Trump has been engaging in a war of words with the press since his campaign began. Furthermore, it arguable that the press’ coverage of Trump may be, at least in part, responsible for his victory in the election since he got so much air time.

Featured image via screenshot from Youtube.

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