Ronald Reagan’s Son Says Something Disgusting On Twitter – Dad Rolls Over In Grave


On Wednesday, it was announced that Fox News was terminating their contract with longtime anchor Bill O’Reilly. The popular Fox commentator was fired due to repeated claims of sexual harassment and the advertiser boycott that followed those claims.

That being said, O’Reilly does have his defenders. One of them is the son of a conservative icon, Ronald Reagan. On Thursday, Michael Reagan took to Twitter to defend O’Reilly. However, rather than dispute the allegations against the conservative pundit, Reagan choose to blame the victims of sexual harassment, claiming that they had it coming for the way they dressed.

There is so much wrong with Reagan’s comments that we’re not sure where to begin. He’s a mere inch away from saying that if women don’t want to get raped then they shouldn’t wear revealing clothes or drink alcohol. By Reagan’s logic, someone could break into his house and then argue that if he doesn’t want to get robbed he shouldn’t have expensive stuff.

Not only are Reagan’s comments sexist to women, they’re also rather insulting to men. After all, he’s essentially saying that men lack the self-control needed to not harass women. If you can’t work with a woman without harassing her then you need to find a job that doesn’t require you to interact with people. In fact, you should probably stay at home and never leave the house since you clearly lack the self-control necessary to function in society.

But Reagan didn’t just stop at casual sexism. No, he also defended O’Reilly’s racism when he called a black co-worker “hot chocolate.”

I’m neither black nor a woman so I won’t claim to speak for them, but I sincerely doubt that many black women, regardless of the time period, would find a co-worker calling them “hot chocolate” to be a compliment. It is far more likely that they simply endured it because they knew they didn’t have a choice. I’d like to say we’ve moved past tolerating such racism and sexism, but as Reagan proves, we clearly have some more work to do.

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