Ted Cruz Storms Out Of Senate Hearing After Sally Yates Humiliates Him (VIDEO)


When Sally Yates openly questioned the Constitutionality of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, she proved herself to be a woman of true integrity. Knowing that the move could cause her to be pushed out of the very machine that her hard work enabled her to be part of, she stood-up to Trump in a way that ultimately led to her termination.

However, Yates’ firing may come back to bite the Trump administration. It is now being reported that in addition making it clear that the Muslim ban wasn’t legal, a fact that the courts have supported in the months since Yates left her position, it is now known that Yates also warned the Trump administration that something wasn’t right with Michael Flynn.

All of these facts put together, along with Yates’ willingness to put her job on the line to stand for what she believes is right, should be enough for Senate Republicans to know that Yates is not to be messed with. However, in true good ‘ol boy fashion, Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to attack Yates on Monday as she testified before the Senate. Things didn’t end well for him.

In fact, things ended so badly for Cruz and his buddy, John Cornyn, that both Texas Republicans left the hearing hall without ever having asked a single question about the reason they were actually having the hearing – Russia. Cruz and Cornyn storming off was the source of great fodder for Twitter users:

One report showed that not only did Cruz and Cornyn leave, but they didn’t come back for the end of questioning:

Others just enjoyed weighing in on how poised Yates was as she shamed those who tried to make her look bad:

The lesson for today? Don’t mess with Sally Yates!

Watch Sally Yates put John Kennedy (R-LA), Ted Cruz, and others in their place, below:

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.

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