BREAKING: Demonstrators Swarm & Surround White House Chanting ‘Lock Him Up!’


Crowds of angry protestors have swarmed the White House to let Donald Trump know they had not taken the firing of FBI Director James Comey quietly. The president’s letter to Comey mentioned the director had told him three times that there was no investigation into 45’s actions. Now, everyone know that is false, and the protesters have a not-so-subtle suggestion.

They turned Trump’s campaign slogan of “Lock her up! Lock her up!” against him. The people outside of the White House grounds have been chanting “Lock him up! Lock him up!” They are also demanding that Congress investigate Trump for firing the FBI director.

The protesters held signs demanding Congress appoint an independent prosecutor for the purpose of investigating alleged collusion between the Russian government and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Another crowd chant was “We see you!” A different group chanted “Ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” Others chanted the name of the recently fired former acting attorney general Sally Yates. They also chanted “American Hero,” because Yates said no to Trump’s illegal immigration ban and her Monday testimony in front of a Judicial Committee was spot-on.

More than a dozen liberal organizations quickly joined together and organized the demonstration. They demanded a “full and independent investigation into any
potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia,” the Washington Post reported.

A 57-year-old administrator at Johns Hopkins University Washington D.C. campus Martina Leinz came over her lunch break to join the others. She told the Washington Post:

‘I am here because there has never been a point in history when our democracy has been more severely threatened than it is now. I think it’s incumbent upon the Republicans in Congress to stand up and fight back to this travesty.’ was one of the protest organizers. Campaign Director Jo Comerford released at statement, according to the Washington Post. It stated that firing Comey caused a “constitutional crisis:”

‘Donald Trump just fired the one man in America who was leading the most thorough and long-lasting investigation of Donald Trump. There now is no question that we need an independent commission established immediately to ensure that there is a fair, non-partisan and independent investigation into Trump, his administration and his associates.’

A second protest has been scheduled for June 3 close to the White House.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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