Kellyanne Conway Chickens Out Of Interview After DOJ’s Trump Annoucement


Since the campaign trail, those close to Donald Trump have compromised whatever morals, ethics, respect for the law, values, and common sense they may have. That behavior didn’t change as many campaign staffers subsequently turned into cabinet members, advisers, and other random positions that Trump made up just because. Trump’s inner circle has repeatedly lied to the American people on his behalf and, following the example he has set, presented themselves as above the law and immune from standard operating procedures that have long been in place.

Therefore, as the scandal and controversy surrounding Trump and Russia continues to unfold, the looming notion that those around Trump may want to protect themselves, legally, has gone from the elephant in the room to a subject that experts in the field are openly speaking on. After all,  Donald Trump has retained counsel for matters pertaining to Russia. To that end, however, it prior to now it still looked as if Donald Trump was going to get away with the acts he has allegedly committed.

Despite all that is being reported, the Trump administration proudly displays their arrogance, but the announcement of the appointment of special counsel in the Russia investigation seems to have changed the game. In fact, Kellyanne Conway, the Trump staffer who introduced the world to just how easily the administration could normalize lies, blaming others, making things up, etc., appears to have done an immediate about face from her usual give an interview at the worst of times and makes things even worse, pattern of behavior.

Just before she was to give an interview to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Conway backed out. For the record, Carlson states the cancelled interview was one that was booked per the White House’s request. According to Carlson:

‘Kellyanne Conway was going to be sitting in that seat. We had booked her at their request. We don’t often have people from the administration on, but they said, “We want to send over Kellyanne Conway.” Great.’

Addressing the timing of Conway’s change of heart, as well as the lack of explanation given, Carlson asserted:

‘Then, not long before air, they canceled it, for reasons that were not exactly clear.’

While Carlson showed a bit of an allegiance to Donald Trump and empathized with Trump’s claims of being negatively targeted by the media, Carlson did acknowledge that “it does seem a little chaotic over there,” referring to recent claims that Trump and members of his administration are coming unglued.

Carlson’s full explanation about Conway’s abrupt cancellation, may be viewed below:

Featured Image via Getty/The Washington Post/Contributor

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