McConnell Is Asked About DOJ Bombshell; What Happened Next Says It All (VIDEO)


Former FBI Robert Mueller recently had been appointed special counsel by the Department of Justice in order to continue on with the investigation in to the Russia scandal. After this news broke reporters looked to top government officials on both sides for some sort of comment.

The fact that Mueller got appointed was widely regarded as good news by both Democrats and Republicans. It would seem however that not everyone agreed with this sentiment. When CBS News’ Alan He shot a question at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell his reaction was not subtle in telling how he really felt. McConnell took no efforts in hiding the fact that he wasn’t pleased with the developments of the day, it was written all over his face.

The president himself had no idea that Mueller was to be appointed until mere seconds before the news was released to the public. Apparently President Trump had still been meeting with FBI director candidates when the White House learned the news that a special prosecutor was appointed to help oversee the investigation into Russia.

It is quite evident that he is aware that Mueller’s appointment is not going to be good for President Trump. Paul Ryan and other top Republicans have released statements of support and welcoming for Mueller. We don’t know if these statements are sincere, but McConnell does not even pretend to be in any way happy about this situation.

McConnell appears to have never wanted there to be a special prosector to be appointed in the first place. He blantently ignored the outcry of the American people when they demanded a special prosecutor be used, as those who work closely with Trump or are hired by Trump cannot be trusted.

In essence if McConnell was an upstanding American who wanted the truth as many of us are, he would be welcoming of Mueller, being nonpartisan, to lead the investigation on the ongoing scandal. It becomes more evident that there is something the Trump administration doesn’t want to be discovered in regards to Russian connections daily.

You can see McConnell’s reactions to questions about Mueller in the tweet below:

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