Michael Flynn Reportedly Tried To Delay Plan To Retake ISIS Stronghold (DETAILS)


The former national security adviser Michael Flynn has made a push in order to delay a plan to retake ISIS stronghold Raqqa that Turkey opposed, new reports state.

According to reports former President Obama along with his national security adviser Susan Rice made Trump, then the president-elect, aware of plans in place to retake the city of Raqqa. Help was to be provided by Syrian Kurdish forces. Obama and his team let Trump in on the plan because the plan would most likely be executed after

Trump took office, despite being approved under Obama.
Flynn instructed Rice to delaying the approval of the mission. There was no recorded explanation as to why he requested the delay, but apparently the delaying of the approval lined up well with Turkey’s interests in the region. Turkey has been steadfast in their opposition of the United States partnering with Kurdish forces within the region.

Flynn’s recommendation to delay the mission approval took place in the time that the Trump team was in transition, previous to Trump’s inauguration.

Flynn had previously been under investigation for lobbying for Turkey in the midst of the presidential campaign without declaring that he was doing so. He gave an admission earlier this year that he lobbied on the behalf of the Turkish government. He also admitted that he had received a payment of more than $500,000.

Flynn stepped down from his post after in came to light that he had discussed United States sanctions with the Russian ambassador previous to taking office. Along with that he mislead top administration officials, including the vice president, about the nature of the talks with the Russian ambassador.

Trump eventually went on to approve a plan to attack the Islamic State stronghold in Raqqa. This didn’t take place until weeks after the firing of Flynn as he was surrounded by clouds of suspicion regarding the ties he may have had to Russia and Turkey.

If you thought Flynn was shady before, this information is sure to reinforce that idea greatly.

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