Trump Gave Russia Contents Of James Comey’s Computer According To Source


Internet icon Louise Mensch has quite the story to tell. Her and her kind of been proven wrong a number of times before, but there’s always the possibility that they might, actually, be right.

In a Wednesday post to her blog, Mensch says that, during last week’s already contentious Oval Office meeting between Donald Trump and a pair of Russian officials, the president handed off the contents of fired FBI Director James Comey’s computer to the Russians.

It’s not clear what acute usage the Russians would have had for the data from Comey’s computer, and it’s not clear how it would have been recovered, although Mensch claims that it was. There is no evidence to support her claims.

Mensch has gained notoriety for seeming to pin Russia as the interest behind basically every major incident in American politics of late.

Comey’s firing from the FBI chairmanship sparked widespread concern, seeing as it represented Trump seeming to attempt to obstruct the investigation into his own associates’ possible collusion with Russia.

In addition, it’s already been revealed that Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russians during the aforementioned recent Oval Office meeting. That reveal, however, didn’t come in the context of Trump seeking to bolster the Russians’ position against American investigations. Rather, Trump was bragging about the quality of the intelligence that he is party to.

Featured Image via Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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