BREAKING: Trump Has Banned Press Secretary Spicer From Giving Daily Briefings


According to POLITICO, several officials close to President Donald Trump say that he has had enough embarrassment from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and will be putting an end to his daily on-camera briefings, after his trip abroad.

Over the past few months of Trump being in office, Spicer has racked up significant television ratings during his daily briefings, which is really starting to ruffle Trump’s feathers. The briefings from the press secretary are so bad, that they have reportedly become Trump’s most dreaded part of the day.

Aides and allies of Trump say that he does not wish for Spicer, whose behavior has been known to become aggressive during briefings, to publicly defend or explain his messages anymore.

In recent weeks, Trump has blamed the communications department for the number of set backs that have swamped the administration, however, his frustrations are anything but a new phenomenon. During an interview with Fox & Friends back in February, Trump graded himself low on communication, saying:

‘In terms of messaging, I would give myself a ‘C’ or a ‘C-plus. My messaging isn’t good.’

Anyone who has read Trump’s tweets can agree with this. Actually, a more idealistic grade for his communication would be an ‘F’-minus.

Usually the communications team is very convenient to the president in taking the blame for the commander-in-chief’s faults or incompetence, but it looks like Trump lucked out on this one.

Spicer told reporters in April that the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has executed crimes that are worse than the ones of Adolf Hitler because chemical weapons were never used by Hitler. The White House press secretary later apologized for his comments.

White House deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will likely be appearing more often in the days to come, and Spicer will still have a senior role in the administration “but have less exposure,” according to a senior White House official.

Two officials said that Trump thinks Spicer is treated unfairly and does not want to get rid of him.

So far, no comments have been made by Spicer.

Check out some of Spicer’s “spiciest” moments in the video below:

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