Elizabeth Warren Makes Trump Impeachment Announcement That America Was Waiting For


The word impeachment has been thrown around a lot lately, especially following the news that President Trump allegedly asked James Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) is talking about the potential impeachment of the country’s 45th leader.

During a recent interview with Jezebel, Warren, who has long been as an outspoken opponent of Trump’s, said that, if evidence is found that proves the President made such a request of Comey, she will “absolutely” support his impeachment.

‘Absolutely. You know, how could we not?’

She also emphasized the importance of tangible evidence, such as the memo in which Comey’s accusations against Trump are reportedly written.

‘I want to be sure that we are keeping this as nonpartisan as possible. And so the way I try to think about this and talk about it is to say let’s start with the facts. We absolutely need to get a hold of Comey’s notes, any other written papers, any tapes that may have been made, and we need to get witnesses in here under oath. Let’s do our fact gathering so we’ve got all of the facts on the table in front of us and then evaluate whether or not those facts lead to a charge of impeachment.’

Warren also addressed the fact that, for a long time, there has been “strong bipartisan agreement” about the ramifications of obstruction of justice, which Trump would be guilty of if he really did ask Comey to drop the investigation.

‘Let’s be clear: In the past, there has been strong bipartisan agreement that obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. That’s not a Democratic position or a Republican conviction, it is a bipartisan position. And if the facts that are currently alleged are proven, then we should take the next step.’

Later in the interview, the Senator spoke about her Republican colleagues and addressed the fact that many of them are “hesitating about what they want to do” about Trump. She also urged them to “put country above party” when making decisions about how to handle the accusations.

‘I believe they do see the risks. Now, I think many of them are hesitating about what they want to do about it politically. But I’m urging all of them: Put country above party. This should not be a political issue. What Donald Trump has done threatens the security of the United States and we need Congress to step up and act like grown-ups here. We’re the ones who have to be responsible now.’

Although some may be hesitant to talk publicly about impeachment, at least one Republican has shown that he is beginning to turn on President Trump.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) said in an interview on Wednesday that, if Trump really did ask Comey to drop the investigation, those actions will be “grounds for impeachment.”

Amash is the first Republican to use the “I” word when talking about Trump. As more evidence is uncovered, though, more are sure to follow suit.

Featured image via Scott Eisen/Getty Images.

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