Trump Misspells Basic Word Like 8 Year Old During Early Morning Mental Collapse (TWEETS)


Things are not going well for the new president. It’s barely been more than 100 days since Trump was inaugurated and his presidency is looking more and more like it will be considerably shortened due to his illegal and treasonous acts during and after his presidential campaign.

Instead of reassuring the American people or explaining his own actions now that a special counsel has been appointed to investigate those acts, Trump did what Trump does by throwing a tantrum on Twitter and trying to deflect.

The word he has looking for is actually “counsel,” and Trump might want to learn how to spell it. It’s going to be a part of his presidency for all of history now.

Trump and the rest of the GOP have endlessly insisted that Trump’s political rival in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton, committed illegal acts during her tenure as secretary of state. Despite numerous investigations by Republican-led committees into Benghazi and Clinton’s use of a private email server, she has never been found guilty of a crime.

As for President Obama, had wind of a crime ever hit the GOP-controlled Congress while he was in office, an investigation would not have come fast enough for them. They tried pinning every easily debunked and false scandal they could on him with no luck. Unfortunately for the GOP, President Obama never committed a crime.

It seems that Trump has, though, and it is isn’t going to be nearly as much fun for him to lead chants of “lock her up” or tell folks about his birther theories in prison.

It’s long past time that the new president took some responsibility for his own actions and stopped trying to deflect blame onto a president who’s no longer in office and a candidate he’s already defeated.

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer

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