U.S. Spies Heard Russian Spies Brag About Sabotaging Hillary Before Election


A recently published report just confirms yet again that the Russians had the intent to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. It’d appear that they did this in order to sabotage Hilary Clinton’s chances of become the president.

It seems that Trump isn’t the only one who admits things he shouldn’t. Russian spies also have a problem with boasting about less than legal acts they committed.

Members of the Russian military intelligence agency were recorded by American spies in 2016 bragging about how Vladimir Putin, Russian president, was preparing for some revenge against Hilary Clinton to pay her back for her role in encouraging pro-democracy protests previous to the elections for Russian parliament in 2011. At that point in time there were many accusations that Putin’s United Russia party cheated in order for him to come out victorious.

The Russian agents laughed nonchalantly about how GRU had plans to “cause chaos in the upcoming U.S election.” Well it seems that they succeeded in his attempts to cause chaos. It is believe that Russian hackers were behind hacking Democratic National Committee’s servers. While doing this they obtained data filtered through Wikileaks, which was then turned into weapons by the Trump campaign.

Hackers were also able to successfully penetrate the person emails of Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. The out of context emails were used to form the conspiracy theory named “Pizzagate.” Russian troll farms and botnets then flooded the network of those in certain states with misleading information and fake news.

President Trump and his team are now accused of coordinating with Russian agents in order to sway the election to be in Donald’s favor. He offered platform policy changes and sanction relief in exchange for their part. Trump claims time and time again that there was never any collusion, but the evidence points to that being the real fake news.

Now that we have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on the case, it is increasingly likely that we will finally get to the bottom of this whole ordeal. Trump doesn’t even try anymore to filter himself to hide the truth, it is only a matter of time.

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