Conway Posts Phony Tweet About Anthony Weiner & Immediately Gets Attacked


Kellyanne Conway may have been the first female campaign manager of a Republican campaign for president; however, the man she supported and helped reach the White House is scum. We’re really not sure how she lays her head down at night as a woman considering the misogyny and sexism her boss has displayed before, during, and after the election. However, one idea may be that she just projects her disgust for the president on to others.

That’s really the only explanation that could explain one of her most hypocritical tweets in Twitter history. Earlier today after it was revealed scumlord Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting a minor girl, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to express her thoughts.

‘Weiner’s one sexting victim was 15 years old and his son in another picture was 4. Guilty plea may result in him registering as sex offender’

Though she’s correct in her tweet, this is not something she should be tweeting about with any satisfaction considering who she works for. She works for the king of “p*ssy grabbing,” who admitted in 2005 he sexually assaults women by just kissing women and not waiting. She works for Mr. “Nobody Has More Respect For Women Than Me,” yet he completely ignores his wife at times as evidenced in some photographs. Maybe Conway feels he’s an okay guy because he told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush he would need Tic Tacs before he started kissing any woman he saw. How considerate.

Don’t worry, though. Twitter completely called Conway out on her tweet. Actually, it’s more like they devoured her black soul.

One Twitter user brought up the fact that it was revealed Trump told a young girl in 1992 that he would be dating her in 10 years. He was 46 years old.

‘Nope,a woman working for someone who once publicly told a ten year old he would be dating her in a few years talking about this is hypocrisy’

Another user replied to the tweet:

‘Didn’t he also say he’d date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter? Ewwwwwe’

“Ewwwwwe” indeed. If you don’t feel the need to go take a bath in a tub full of bleach, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Another user brought up the fact that Trump enjoyed going backstage at the pageants he held and checking out the women.

‘Trump used to brag about going backstage at his beauty pageants where young women were changing to “inspect”‘

‘Yes KellyAnne, Anthony Weiner is a piece of sh*t. Make sure he and Trump don’t get together to share tips and tricks on being a pig, k?’

‘That’s terrible, Kellyanne. So is grabbing women’s private parts without their consent. Shame you’re not bothered by that.’

‘Honey, you have a sexual predator for a boss. You better worry more about him. #GrabHerByThePussy’

‘shouldn’t you be out looking for a job, or are you too busy licking trumps boots’

‘You’re quite literally the spokesperson for a man who admitted he sexually assaults women and he never gets jail due to his fame.’

‘I mean do you ever think that your own offspring might one day realise what a shallow individual you are?’

‘What do you say to them when they ask why you supported and lied for a man who openly bragged about sexual assault?’

‘Says the chief whitewasher for the p*ssy-grabber-in-chief who has sexually assaulted countless women.’

Featured image by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

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