Reporter ‘Manhandled’ By Trump’s FCC Guards For Asking A Question (IMAGES)


On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made itself very unpopular when it voted 2-1 to move forward with the Republican plan to undo President Obama’s 2015 net neutrality regulations. The FCC is about to get even less popular, now, after one of its members ignored the mistreatment of an award-winning journalist after the hearing.

On Thursday, following the FCC’s ruling, CQ Roll Call reporter John M. Donnelly was, in his words, “manhandled” by a security guard and then forced to leave the FCC headquarters when he tried to question Michael O’Rielly.

Donnelly tweeted about the incident on Thursday:

‘@FCC guards manhandled me, forced me out of the building when I tried to ask @AjitPaiFCC & @mikeofcc questions.’

Donnelly included along with his tweet a report from the National Press Club. Included in the report is a more detailed description of today’s events.

Donnelly said that, throughout the meeting, he was followed “as if he were a security threat” despite continuously displaying his press pass. Security even waited for him outside of the restroom.

When Donnelly walked towards O’Rielly to ask him a question about the ruling, he was pinned against the wall by two guards until O’Rielly passed. Donnelly said that O’Rielly witnessed him being pinned against the wall but did nothing to try and stop the security guards.

After O’Rielly passed, one of the guards, Frederick Bucher — who has a history of being rough on the press — asked Donnelly why he didn’t ask his question during the press conference. Bucher then forced the reporter to leave the building.

Donnelly told the National Press Club about the incident:

‘I could not have been less threatening or more polite. There is no justification for using force in such a situation.’

O’Rielly responded to Donnelly’s tweet on Thursday evening, about an hour after it was posted, apologizing and saying that he didn’t recognize the journalist.

‘John, just got saw your tweets. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you in hallway. Had just finished taking press questions.’

Donnelly did not appear to believe O’Rielly’s excuse, and the two went on to discuss the incident in the comments section of his original tweet. Their exchange can be seen below:

Things seemed to be going fairly well, until O’Rielly tried to say that he didn’t actually see Donnelly being harassed because he was “freezing and starving.”

O’Rielly didn’t respond to Donnelly’s last comment. Perhaps he was freezing and starving again?

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