Trump Wakes Up In Friday Frenzy – Runs To Twitter To Lie His Pathological A** Off


President Trump took to Twitter early this Friday with a bizarre message ahead of his upcoming trip overseas.

Of course, the message was bizarre by conventional standards, but it’s pretty much what we’ve learned to expect from Trump.

The president, in his overseas trip, will be touring a number of sites across the Middle East and the Mediterranean. He will be visiting places ranging from Saudi Arabia to Israel to the Vatican.

Following his tour of these places, Trump will be attending a NATO meeting in Brussels. This NATO meeting, ironically, takes place on the same day that former President Obama will be participating in a public discussion about the importance of citizen participation in democracy in Germany.

Summarizing all of this, Trump wrote on Twitter: “Getting ready for my big foreign trip. Will be strongly protecting American interests — that’s what I like to do!”

Although if you took just this one tweet and used it to form an opinion of Trump, you might think that he’s a good guy and/or a decent politician, however, there’s much more to the story.

Trump’s policy of putting America first simultaneously rings hollow and vitriolic. Trump puts those parts of America that he deems most valuable first, while disregarding both those marginalized parts of America that he looks down upon and the importance of global cooperation.

He has routinely worked to marginalize immigrant communities in the United States and other countries in the context of their relationship to us.

Thus, the United States is definitely not looking forward to seeing what stunt Trump can pull on his upcoming foreign trip, no matter how many fluffy tweets he posts.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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