French President Disses Trump Then Confronts Vladamir Putin To His Face; World Cheers


Russia has been the topic of a lot of conversation in the past months. Not only is Russia the topic of news here the United States with the 2016 presidential election hacking. They’ve also tried to interfere with the French presidential election as well.

During the French election, liberal candidate Emmanuel Macron, was the victim of a series of fake news reports. Macron campaign’s computers were also hacked on numerous occasions. A French speaking state funded Russian news outlet, Sputnik reported false news, with headlines favoring, Macron’s opponent, former prime minister Francois Fillon. Fillion is a very much liked by the Kremlin and it appears that Russia was responsible for Macrons computer hacking.

The scenario echoes that of the American 2016 presidential election. During the election hackers made repeated attempts to gain entry to Hillary Clinton’s secret email servers. Resulting in a formal investigation by the FBI, in to whether Clinton had mishandled classified information. many believe that these events may have gave Donald Trump the election.

During Donald Trumps first foreign trip last week during his trip he visited , Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, Sicily and Brussels, for the G7 summit. President Macron and President Trump shared a rather long and slightly unusual hand shake, to which Macron had this to say,

‘My handshake with [President Trump] was not innocent — not the alpha and the omega of a policy — but a moment of truth. We must show that we will not make small concessions, even symbolic ones.’

French President Emmanuel Macron directly addressed the possible interference of the French election, with Vladimir Putin during a meeting Versailles today. He said this of the fake news,

‘When press outlets spread defamatory untruths, they are no longer journalists, they are organs of influence. Russia Today and Sputnik were organs of influence during this campaign, which, on several occasions produced untruths about me and my campaign. I will not give an inch on this. russia Today and Sputnik … behaved as organs of influence, of propaganda, of lying propaganda.’

Vladimir Putin in turn said that there was “nothing to discuss” about the hackings in the presidential elections of the United States and France.


Featured Image: Getty/Mikhail Svetlov

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