FBI Gets Hit With Massive Lawsuit After Refusing To Release Trump Documents


The Federal Bureau of Investigation just got smacked with a major lawsuit for refusing to release Donald Trump’s FBI file. According to Sparrow Media‘s website, “The records requested, which cover a period from June 14, 1946 through June 15, 2015, will shed new light on already known investigations linking Trump to organized crime and will provide new information about Trump’s engagements with the bureau.”

Property of the People is an organization dedicated to lifting the veil on the Trump administration, making Trump’s every move, political, or otherwise, a matter of public knowledge.

Operation 45 is a project aimed at informing the citizens of America, and the world, of the current president’s shady business dealings.

Three months ago, Property of the People made a request to the FBI for documents kept secret:

Screenshot via sparrowmedia.net

To read the entire complaint, please click here.

The first page reads:

The FBI has some seriously angry citizens on their hands, and this group is not going away without a fight.

Good luck, Trump Administration.

America, Property of the People has your back.

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