Kellyanne Conway Freaks Out On Monday Morning Talk Show Circuit (VIDEO)


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway pounded the Russia probe on Fox News. She insisted former FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russiagate was ridiculous and frivolous, ignoring the Benghazi and email server investigations that went on for years and went nowhere.

She also went into a weird conspiracy theorist mode, hinting that the Democrats hatched a plan to oust Trump with made-up allegations and have now installed their own hand-picked investigators onto Mueller’s team.

‘Kellyanne Conway prods Mueller over Dem donors on team – via @brookefoxnews .’

Conway claimed that the Russia investigation was wasting “tens of millions of dollars” on Fox & Friends on Monday. It seems Conway followed the money on her alternative fact track in the Fox interview:

‘We’re starting to waste tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money on this
endeavor, and if there is something there, let’s hear about it.

‘[Trump has] made very clear that we’ve had months and months and months of investigations on top of the FBI, several House and Senate committees investigating
the same thing. You’ve got people even that haven’t always been sympathetic toward President Trump openly questioning where will this lead us.’

Actually, we have “heard about it.” There are many things “there” that have been revealed as part of the investigation. Conway went on an odd tangent pretending that there have been no revelations thus far in the investigation.

In addition, Conway told Fox & Friends:

‘I think it’s relevant information that the public should have.’

Former House Speaker and extreme conservative Newt Gingrich insisted the investigation was not independent, calling it a “witch hunt.” When Fox questioned Conway about those concerns, she replied:

‘And so if we’re going to talk about transparency and accountability and who all the players are here, I think it’s relevant that people know that Mr. Mueller’s team includes folks who gave significant amounts of money” to Democrats.’

Conspiracy theories are a favorite of the far right, and embraced thoroughly by Conway, unless there’s real evidence of scandal against her boss.

Twitter users lit up the internet with responses to Conway:

Featured Image: Getty Images: Chip Somodevilla.

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