Trump Viciously Attacks Dems In Childish Monday Morning Twitter Meltdown


Donald Trump offered his support for Jon Ossoff’s opponent, Karen Handel, in the Georgia runoff election for Congress in a tweet on Monday morning with more of an attack on Democrats and their political stance than any positive words for Handel.

Handel has long been a friend to conservative GOP politicians, including Vice President Mike Pence. A former gubernatorial candidate and executive at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Handel is most well-known for using her position in the Komen Foundation to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood as a result of her political, anti-choice stance, denying that she had done so by using a quickly debunked lie for her reasoning and then resigning in disgrace.

Twitter users were quick to let Trump know that they remember Handel’s actions as a Komen executive as well as her words since, including the offering of such telling sound bites as “I do not support a living wage.” In a state in which more than 24 percent of children live in poverty, Handel has not served to help boost the image of the GOP and her support of Trump’s proposed policies has not gone over well, either.

Perhaps an endorsement from a president under investigation for obstruction of justice isn’t the most helpful thing for Karen Handel at the moment.

Featured image via Getty/Joe Raedle


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