Trump Jr. Posts Unhinged Wednesday Message – Twitter Goes Off On Him Hard


Are social media habits genetic? It may seem like a silly concept; however, Donald Trump Jr. is proving the concept true after his early morning tweet-fest where he came off just as unhinged as his father, our not-president, Donald J. Trump.

The tweet hit the digital airwaves at 5:41 a.m. Trump Jr. tweeted:

‘Amazing that Dems are doing training seminars to teach Pols how to talk to heartland voters. How about find candidates that already know?’

Remember, his father sounds like a third grader and makes up his own words in a way that causes us to miss former President George W. Bush’s gaffes. At least Bush tried. Twitter agreed with that sentiment and responded likewise.

‘You mean 3rd-grade-level speakers like your dad?’

‘How about using proper grammar?’

Another user noted that Trump Jr. has an easy life.

‘All you do is tweet, must be nice not to have to work’

Another user reminded Trump Jr. of his family’s pending legal troubles.

‘So have you and your sis lawyered up yet? Any sign of subpoena papers?’

‘Go to Russia much, Traitor Jr? You’re going to prison.’

‘Your dad and your family are surely the most well-equipped to understand/talk to the average, working class person in the “heartland”.’

‘You mean some one that lies , makes promises he can’t keep has no idea what he is doing. But nut don’t fall far from the tree does it’

‘Your daddy needs a training seminar in politics, diplomacy, and being a president.’

‘How bout we find a POTUS that knows what the hell he’s doing, wheter it be Rep. or Dem. and one who is not a total embarrassment to U.S.A.’

‘Isn’t your Dad learning how to be President? Hillary already knew how….’

Featured image by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images.

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