Ivanka Tweets Her Most Hypocritical Tweet Yet & Social Media Completely Loses It


As the real FLOTUS in the White House, Ivanka Trump has set out taking on issues that really did need a light shined on them. We give her that. The fact she’s tackling sex trafficking is admirable and we applaud her. However, the hypocrisy behind her support for it is unforgettable considering who her father is. In a Wednesday morning tweet, Ivanka tweeted a quote from Boom Mosby, who was rewarded a “Hero’s Award” yesterday from Trump herself.

‘”We are all confronted with the choice – to do nothing, or to do something.” – Boom Mosby, HUG Project, Thailand #TIPHeroes #EndTrafficking’

The one question we’re dying to ask Mosby is what she thinks of President Donald Trump’s sexist comments about women including a recorded conversation where Trump talked about what basically equated to sexually assaulting women.

Twitter did not ignore the hypocrisy behind the tweet.

‘You had a choice too, Ma’am, and your decision was to become a surrogate for an evil & incompetent @POTUS.’

‘Boom Mosby, do you know in Berlin #Complicit #Accomplice #ShamelessPanderer #FRAUD @IvankaTrump @IvankaTrumpHQ is aka’

‘What about the choices of your slave laborers making your crappy fashion line in China?’

‘Then start with ur shoe brand in china! #labortrafficking is a form of #humantrafficking #tratadepersonas’

‘You’re father is guilty of treason and you do nothing but use your office to broker shady deals.’

‘Is that why you chose to add lingerie to your line? To underpay sweatshop workers? To play ambassador? To ditch English Comp? #EvictIvanka’

‘Your morning news’

‘Seriously? 100% correct! Other than champagne popsicles WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???’

‘Dear President Daddy, How many more photo ops before people forget that you’re an admitted serial sexual assaulter? Love, Ivanchka’

‘#TIPHeroes #ImpeachTrump’

‘Yesterday’s news…. You never wear the same outfit twice. How about the human rights activists working in your China factory? Detained????’

‘Says a woman who repeated steals designs from other artists & is A-ok with abusing her factory workers.’

Featured image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images.

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