Spicer Makes The Biggest Mistake Of His Twitter Existence – Internet Pounces


Repealing and replacing ObamaCare is not a new concept for anyone who has been paying any attention to the news. Trump has been trying hard since he got elected to find a way to establish some sort of “TrumpCare,” but it has yet to come to fruition.

It seems that not only Trump, but his administration as well, are still attempting to shove the repeal-and-replace concept down unwilling American’s throats. Donald Trump can constantly be seen tweeting about how terrible ObamaCare is, and now Press secretary Sean Spicer is joining the president with some ObamaCare slander of his own.

Although Trump, Spicer and the whole administration would like you believe their ObamaCare lies, more and more Americans are finding themselves insured due to ObamaCare. The fact that a growing number of Americans have health care has stirred up even more people angry at the potential that they may lose it.

While Spicer says that 28.2 million Americans are still waiting for healthcare, TrumpCare will not do anything to remedy that. In fact, 22 million more Americans will find themselves without healthcare by 2026 under the healthcare bill that Senate is currently considering, the Congressional Budget Office estimated.

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