Trump Goes Berserk & Attacks Mika Yet Again During Unhinged Saturday AM Mental Collapse


Donald Trump, fan and promoter of Fox News, Breitbart, and InfoWars, resumed his attacks on “fake news” outlets like CNN and MSNBC on Saturday morning. Trump started rumors about Greta Van Susteren with no source and no real knowledge of why she is leaving the network and crowed a bit more about “exposing” CNN for a retracted story that no one has even intimated wasn’t true, just not vetted according to CNN’s standards. Of course, he also had to throw in more insults at the Morning Joe hosts, as well.

No one at MSNBC has confirmed any of the reasons behind the decision to end Van Susteren’s show, although most sane people would assume that ratings were behind that decision. Like Megyn Kelly on NBC, where she moved after working at Fox News for years, Van Susteren may be discovering that the stain of working for a network that called President Obama a Muslim terrorist and required hosts to go on rants about Santa being a white man is hard to wash out.

Trump has recently been on a tear regarding MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezenski after their critical talk about the president and his mental health status. Questions about Trump’s ability to remain calm and mentally stable throughout four years of the toughest job in the land had already been raised long before Trump’s retaliatory tweet attacking Brzezenski for her looks and a “face lift” he claims to know she had, but those questions became even more concerning as a result.

The same man who hung a fake Time magazine cover of himself in his golf resorts has no business calling anyone out for “fake news,” especially considering his affinity for the worst right-wing news outlets. It isn’t “fake news” that Trump dislikes, it’s any news that shows him in a negative light.

Twitter users responded with derision and quickly failing patience with Trump’s outbursts.

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