Trump Tweets Phony 4th Of July Message To America & Regrets It In 7 Glorious Seconds


Trump has provided the country with some hilarious moments of attempted patriotism since he first decided to embarrass the country by running for president. Who could forget his eye-rolling display of swaying and singing along to the national anthem during a somber tribute to fallen military heroes during Memorial Day? Or that intimate hug with the American flag on stage during the campaigns?

After those displays, of course Trump would tweet an Independence Day message to his followers. After all, he loves this country more than anyone else…except he doesn’t believe it’s “great” anymore and can only be great once it becomes Trump-branded, like his international hotel chain, and allows Russia to determine our presidential elections.

Never mind that Trump’s campaign team is under investigation for allegedly colluding with a foreign enemy to steal an election in what many consider treason. Never mind that Trump himself seems to have no respect for American institutions like the justice system. Never mind that Trump insulted American prisoners of war and a Gold Star family. Trump is, in his own mind, the greatest patriot that ever lived. He hugged a flag, after all.

Twitter, however, disagrees, along with most sane and rational Americans.

Featured image via Getty/Mandel Ngan

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