Trump Vs CNN “Who Do You Trust More’ Poll Released – Results Are Going Rapidly Viral


Trump’s main focus since becoming president has been to discredit all negative press by calling everything “fake news” unless it praises his every move. In fact, since being elected, Trump has tweeted about “fake news” 60 times, making that one of his most popular topics of discussion over his border wall, trade, NAFTA, and U.S. veterans. Perhaps his most disturbing “fake news” tweet came on July 2, when he posted a video altered to show Trump physically assaulting a man representing CNN with the logo over his face.

Trump’s supporters may like the rhetoric, but a new poll shows that the majority of Americans have resisted his efforts to discredit the media. More Americans still trust the news more than the traitorous president currently occupying the White House. That includes CNN.

Screengrab via Axios

Of course, the vast divide between the political parties is starkly apparent. Republicans, many of whom were long ago hypnotized by the original “fake news,” Fox News, believe overwhelmingly in the honest of the president over journalists at any news organization. 33 percent of Republicans, in fact, say they get their news exclusively from Fox News, who studies have shown has the country’s most misinformed viewers.

Trump’s favored means of communication with his supporters is Twitter, and the same poll shows that 64 percent of American adults disapprove of Trump’s tweets. 47 percent of those polled described the tweets and “undignified” and 34 percent described them as “mean.” Most Republicans, however, love his ridiculous and nasty behavior. Only 38 percent of Republicans disapprove of his tweets and seven percent of those polled deemed them somehow “presidential.”

One of the survey’s founders, Jon Cohen, noted this of Trump’s tweets:

‘A red flag for Democrats continues to be a perception that Trump is isolating himself from the GOP base with his tweets. Not only do most Republicans approve of his use of Twitter, but asked to describe those tweets, the No. 1 mention among the GOP is “truthful,” with “entertaining” in second place.’

Thank goodness that more Americans, three million more, in fact, have never been sucked in by Trump’s lies and misinformation. As for the rest of them, let’s hope they’ll wise up by 2020.

For a compilation of Trump’s campaign efforts to discredit the media, see video below:

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