Trump Gets On Camera And Embarrasses Himself In Front Of The Nation (VIDEO)


President Trump has made it clear on a multitude of different occasions that he lacks even the basic knowledge required to run the United States of America. Not only did Trump show his ignorance on July fourth, but also his reoccurring sexism.

President Trump celebrated his first Independence Day at the white house by inviting military families for a picnic on the South Lawn. He pledged his support to military families, taking the time to recognize the vice president’s son, who is serving in the marines. As he read his previously prepared remarks he could not help but add a comment when referring to Pence’s wife, the second lady.

‘There is one military family here today I am especially excited to recognize our great vice president, Mike Pence, and our second lady – never heard that term before, but that’s what they say – and she is some lady, that I can tell you – of the United States, Karen Pence, are here along with their son, Marine First Lieutenant Michael Pence.’

Apparently, Trump is not familiar with a title that has been in use for over 100 years. What did he think that Karen Pence was referred to, Mike Pence’s wife? Of course Trump has never been subtle with the fact that he believes women to be under men, I mean, just look at the way he treats his own wife, its surprising she is even allowed to have a title aside from “Wife of Donald Trump.”

The term “second lady” really shouldn’t be all that foreign to the president, after all, the White House website refers to Karen Pence as “Second Lady of the United States.” In addition to that Karen’s Twitter handle is @secondlady, surely Trump must have noticed that with all the time that he spends on twitter.

Perhaps Trump was unfamiliar with the term due to the fact that during the eight years of the Obama Administration, former Vice President Biden’s wife often was referred to as “Dr. Jill Biden.” This was due to the fact that she was thought to be the first second lady that held Ph.D during her husband’s time in office.

Whatever the case may be, Trump should definitely take a few minutes a day out of his busy tweeting schedule the brush up on the some of the details of the White House.

You can view President Trump’s remarks below:

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