Ivanka Trump Just Took Donald’s Seat At The G20 Summit & People Are Furious



Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to the president, attended the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, alongside her father; however, that wasn’t the unusual part. Ivanka Trump has been quoted in the past saying “you know, I try to stay out of politics,” which makes her actions at the G20 summit, not to mention her role as presidential adviser, a little questionable.

In what was a strange move from Ivanka on Saturday, she took over her fathers seat at the summit of world leaders, for a few moments. While Ivanka is an adviser to the president, if the president needs to step away for whatever reason his chair would be covered by a more high ranking official.

During her brief time in Trump’s seat, Ivanka did not seem to contribute in any major way to the session in lieu of her fathers absence, which was revolving around African migration and health.

Users on Twitter were just as puzzled by Ivanka’s sudden overtaking of her fathers seat at the summit.

Featured Image via Getty Images

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